Trina Solar

As one of the worlds leading solar photovoltaic manufacturers, Trina Solar delivers a smart, industry leading solution for your energy needs. Trina offer exceedingly high quality solar modules for all applications from residential to commercial and utility scale solutions. With a proven track record for efficiency and reliability Trina sets the benchmark for performance.

Trina are always at the cutting edge of technology, design and performance. With a long history of breaking records of efficiency in both polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules.

Trina’s HONEY series is our of their most versatile products. Available in monocrystalline cells, the HONEY M PLUS packs more power in a 60 cell module than most panels. The HONEY M PLUS offers high reliability making it a great high efficiency solution for all types of rooftop installations

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is dedicated to changing the lives of all its customers for the better. Canadian Solar PV modules are thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions to provide reliability and confidence. With a customer support network in over 18 countries Canadian Solar is a worldwide leader in PV module manufacturing.

Q Cells

The return on your solar system depends on the efficiency and quality of your components such as your solar panels. This is a good reason to trust in the technology of Q CELLS. Through German engineering, intensive research and strict quality control in all of their solar products Q-Cells provide a photovoltaic solution that guarantees the highest yields matching your individual needs.

More Light, More Performance

The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity.

Laser-fired contacts complement the nano coating to enhance the module’s electrical properties, increasing its efficiency considerably.

Q CELLS Quality Standards

  1. Initial Certification Test

  2. Q CELLS Triple Yield Security

  3. VDE Quality Tested

  4. Q CELLS Quality Program

LG Solar

LG are a world leader in solar panel manufacturing with over 20 years experience, Many years of research has resulted in outstanding effeciency, superior reliability and sleek aesthetic design. LG signs off on every module with the LG brand, with the logo reflecting the cutting edge technology and durability of LG products.

The NeOn2 320W module is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranties. The high quality is the result of LG’s strong commitment to developing a module that delivers reliable, high output for decades for a peace of mind solar solution.

LG solar products are rigorously tested beyond industry standards, and those standards apply equally when selecting materials for their solar modules. When you choose LG Solar, you’ll have peace of mind that you are buying the best.