Fronius solar inverters are designed to impress. With thoroughly sophisticated design and interfaces and the integrated All-In-One communication package, Fronius inverters stand out for the right reasons and set the benchmark for quality and functionality.
All Fronius inverters are designed and manufactured in Austria and their success in the fields of weilding, charging and energy manipulation makes Fronius the true leader in solar inverters.

Quality That Stands Out


As a system technology specialist, SMA has been developing and distributing high-quality PV inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years. With technology and service solutions for all photovoltaic applications SMA offers users higher efficiency and independence in meeting their energy needs.


SMA inverters are the heart of your PV system, converting direct current from the modules into standard household alternating current

While integrated SMA Smart Connected monitoring, we automatically ensure that your inverter always runs smoothly.

You can reduce your electricity bill and become more independent from utility companies.

Smart & Powerful

SUNNY PORTAL Power at your Fingertips


The SolaX vision is to be a world leader in the development, production and sales of inverters that incorporate innovative technologies and state of the art capabilities, providing our customers the power to harvest nature’s energy. SolaX employee a large team who are dedicated to innovation and product development and have become one of the most significant manufacturers of hybrid solar inverters worldwide.

 Single phase, dual MPPT inverters


X1-3.0-T / X1-3.3-T / X1-3.6-T

X1-4.2-T / X1-4.6-T / X1-5.0-T

SolaX have developed a range of single phase inverters unrivalled in the industry for their quality, reliability and efficiency. The SolaX single phase inverters boast a wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 580V, with a maximum efficiency of 97.6%. In addition, SolaX single phase inverters are IP65 rated, have no internal fan and come with optional ‘plug & play’ WIFI. The dual MPPT ‘Boost’ range is also compatible with the new SolaX ‘Smart Plug’ which allows for device remote control.


X3-HYBRID-5.0T / X3-HYBRID-6.0T / X3-HYBRID-8.0T / X3-HYBRID-10.0T


The new X-Hybrid 3-phase inverter from SolaX is the latest incarnation of the market leading range of hybrid inverters, offering a flexible and scalable solution for both domestic and commercial applications. The 3-phase series includes inverters ranging in size from 5 to 10kW, and with the ability to install multiple inverters in parallel, scalable battery storage for commercial applications is now a reality. The inverter is equipped with a built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply), had multiple communication options and can be controlled remotely.


Plug & Play Wifi Monitoring

Monitor Your System Anywhere In The World

One Platform. Multiple Functions.

Choose which items you power with solar in your home, monitor your PV production and view your current yield. It is all possible with the SolaX Portal V2.