Residential Solar

Homes use more energy than ever and with the cost of energy ever increasing this can lead to high electricity bills that stretch the budget. Installing a solar power system can reduce a homes energy costs by offsetting energy consumption with solar power generated from the sun. GEO Energy are your residential solar experts with over 5,000 solar installations throughout Australia. We are ready to help you understand solar and reduce your homes energy costs.

Benefits of Residential Solar

There are over 1.66 million homes in Australia that already understand the benefits of solar and have installed a solar power system. There are many benefits of solar including
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Increased independence from the energy grid
  • Protection from power cost increases
  • Adding value to your home or investment property
  • Preparing for solar batteries and going off-grid
  • Reducing green house emissions with clean energy

Energy Analysis

Every project starts with our analysis team. We collect energy usage information and take a close look at how and when you use electricity. This allows us to understand your needs and prepares us to design the right solution for your home.

Home Consultation

We want to introduce ourselves and meet you. Through our home consultations we learn about what the drivers are for your interest in solar and discuss your energy projections and goals. Our team will help you understand how solar works and discover if it is right for you.

Solar System Design

Our understanding of your energy needs and goals guides our design process. Choosing the right system size, utilising the best rooftop area and selecting the correct equipment are some of the ways we tailor our design for every home.

Solar for Rural Australia

It can be a whole different story when delivering power to properties in outback Australia. Longer distances from energy meters, transformers and the inclusion of SWER lines must all be taken into account when designing a solar system in rural areas. We have installed systems of all sizes in rural Australia and our expertise in these applications makes us the right partner for any rural solar installation.