Commercial Solar

It takes a great deal of energy to run a business. Electricity is often one of a companies largest expenses and can play a vital role in competitiveness within the market.

Through our expertise in energy management and renewable energy we help businesses implement innovative products and procedures, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy expenses.

Installing solar can be one of the best ways for a business to take control over their energy and protect their bottom line from the ever increasing cost of power.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

We understand that every business is differen, thats why we tailer our quoting process to identify the key factors in how your business consumes electricity.

We always start with an energy analysis and consultation before designing the right solution for your business. If solar is viable for your business we will design the right system to maximise value.


Every project starts with our analysis team. By collecting energy usage patterns, billing information and interval data along with meteorological data we gain a strong insight into our client’s electrical demands.


We collect data to inform our design process. System size, orientation and location is selected specific to our client’s site, To provide an honest feasibility study we analyse all relevant details on your energy usage.


We walk through the process with our clients at their desired pace. Through consultation we learn more about your energy goals. This allows us to refine our design and deliver on your requirements.

Project Management

Each project is assigned a project team who oversee site inspection, construction and commissioning. The Team leader provides one point of contact to streamline discussion and provide control over the process.

System Monitoring

All of our commercial solar systems include monitoring. This allows the client and our maintenance team to analyse generation reports and quickly respond to any errors experienced by the system.

Maintenance and Evaluation

Maintenance is crucial in tracking system performance and maximising savings. We provide a maintenance schedule in all of our projects and ongoing evaluation on how the system is performing.